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'''Create an account''' '''Create an account'''
#Click on the [[Special:Userlogin|Create an account or log in]] link in the left hand bar under Personal Tools. #Click on the [[Special:Userlogin|Create an account or log in]] link in the left hand bar under Personal Tools.

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  1. Click on the Create an account or log in link in the left hand bar under Personal Tools.
  2. Type in a User Name and Password.
  3. You may enter your email address if you would like people to be able to contact you. The MAEPedia will hide your email address and act as a go between for you and the person who wants to contact you.

Adding and Editing information

  1. Login to your account.
  2. Click the “Edit” link on the left under Views to edit any part of the page OR click on the “Edit” link to the next to each section to have access to just that section of the page.
  3. Type in any information you want to add or edit. At the bottom of the edit box click either “Show Preview” to observe changes or “Save Page” to see the alterations you’ve made


  1. The toolbar at the top of the page allows you to format your text.


You can format text manually:

  • To create a new heading on a page put “==” around the title.
Ex: ==Related Works of Art==
  • To create italics put two single quotes around the word.
Ex. ''Exhibition Title''
  • To bold a word put three singe quotation marks around the word(s).
Ex. '''Really'''

Upload an image

  1. Make sure that you are the copyright owner of the image or have permission to put the image online.
  2. Give your image an unique name.
  3. Select “Upload File” under “Tools”.
  4. Click the “browse” button and select the desired image.
  5. The Destination File Name lets you know the web address of the image within the Wiki.
  6. In “Summary” put any caption information you would like to have associated with the image when viewed at full size.
  7. We recommend that images are no larger the 1024 x 768 pixels.
  8. Click “Upload File”

Insert an image onto an Exhibition Page

  1. All images should be entered within "gallery" tags. You may have as many images as you like between these tags. The "gallery" tags create thumbnail images and alignment for you.
  2. Within the gallery tags insert the image by adding “Image:ImageName.jpg”
  3. To add a caption to go underneath the image add the following “|Your caption information”
  4. See example below for exact formatting.
Example: <gallery>
Image:2006_Munoz_2.jpg|''Monkey'', 2004-5
Image:2006_Munoz_5.jpg|''Net'', 2006
Image:2006_Munoz_3.jpg|''Animal,'' 2005
Image:2006_Munoz_4.jpg|''The Pigs Are Coming'', 2005
Image:2006_Munoz_6.jpg|''Oneness'', 2006
Image:2006_Munoz_1.jpg|''Celestial Mayhem'', 2002

This format creates the look seen on Freddy Munoz’s exhibition page.

Putting an image at the top of the page next to text

  1. Go to the very top of the edit page above the text you would like this embedded in.
  2. Add the following information:

This format gives you the image, a caption and a link to the full size image.


More Help

There are many things you can do with the MAEPedia.The MAEPedia is powered by MediaWiki, the same software that runs Wikipedia. Visit to learn all the fancy tricks. The above will get you started.

Email if you have more questions.