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A Constant LineCheryle Melander and Don MyhreCloses August 9, 2009
A Constant Line
Cheryle Melander and Don Myhre
Closes August 9, 2009
Welcome to MAEPedia
Established in 1975, the MAEP is a unique organization that is run by and for Minnesota artists. The MAEP’s continued success is the result of a productive collaboration between the Minneapolis Institute of Arts and the statewide artist community. As an artist-run program, the MAEPedia needs your voice. Your comments, memories and anecdotes will help form the basis for a historical record of contemporary visual arts in Minnesota.

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MAEP Policies

Artists Talk

Artist-Led Public Tour: Each artist hosts a tour of his or her exhibition.

Trialogue: The Visual Art Critics Union of Minnesota hosts a trialogue for each exhibition: an open discussion between artist, critic and the public.
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What was showing...

10 years ago: Mantras: Paintings of Repetition

20 years ago: Spirit House
30 years ago: Into Outside
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Agreement between MIA and MAEP reached.

October 25, 2008 Annual Meeting

Special thanks to the Jerome Foundation and The Moore Family Fund for the Arts of The Minneapolis Foundation for their support.